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Om nom nom derricious
Om nom nom: Used to indicate a state of deliciousness, specifically in reference to food or drink.

What is Delicious?

Om nom nom

This is a community about food, fandom, and related topics:

Got a recipe you like? Post it.

Run across a picture which made you drool? Share.

Want to eat ______ badly enough you'd kill small children for it at the moment? Discuss.

Found a picture of Character X covered in food substance B, which is being licked off by Character Y, and have a witty comment? Post them both.

Noticed that a particular food always reminds you of character A/ A penis/ Your Grandmother's house when you were a child? Regale us with it.

Ate or drank something that is so vile and disgusting, you want to make others nauseated with your description, and warn them off before it's too late to save themselves? Warn us.

1) No pro-ana subjects/ references/ commentary. We're here to talk about eating, be fatties, enjoy ourselves, and not worry about it. GTFO. [Merely mentioning dieting, diet-related foods, or foods you enjoy which happen to be low-cal is fine.]

2) No wank, unless you're simulating a handjob on a cucumber, or something similar.

3) Use an LJ-cut for large pictures and posts.
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