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Zoro The Ram [userpic]
by Zoro The Ram (thelastredbull)
at November 2nd, 2008 (10:51 pm)

Sorry it's late but...Collapse )

☆Pulse☆ [userpic]
Let me just say:
by ☆Pulse☆ (impure_impulse)
at October 29th, 2008 (04:37 pm)

Sweet potatoes. Are fucking delicious.

November is coming, and Thanksgiving with it, so it occurs to me other people might actually contemplate eating one of my favorite vegetables.

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C, A, and beta carotene, and are generally good for you when they haven't been drenched in brown sugar or marshmallows.

There is also the quaint 'Yam vs. Sweet Potato' debate: What I buy [tapered ends, orange or white flesh, sweet flavor] in the grocery store are often labeled as 'Garnet Yams'. This has something to do with FDA regulations saying that Sweet Potatoes must be labeled as Yams in this country, for some unknown, and probably nonsensical reason. There are probably not any true Yams of any kind for sale in this part of the country unless you go to an asian food or specialty store. True yams are HUGE, lack tapered ends, have white flesh, and a very starchy flavor to them.

I cook sweet potatoes by washing them, piercing their skins with a fork, wrapping them in a paper towel, and microwaving them whole for 6 minutes, flipping them over once in the middle. I then eat them whole, and try not to burn myself.

Try it. They're good, and if you decide you hate them, they'd make a great projectile.

☆Pulse☆ [userpic]
First Post:
by ☆Pulse☆ (impure_impulse)
at October 26th, 2008 (05:08 pm)

I don't have much specific in mind for this today, but here we go:

First: Halloween is coming, and with it, teeth rotting sugary goodness.

What is the candy you like, that everyone else hates?

For me, it's black licorice. For thelastredbull, it's circus peanuts.

I'm also fond of the chalky smarties which taste like pepto bismol, and Mexican spicy tamarind candy.

And Candy Corn.

Don't judge me.

Do, however, post your own, so I can get started on judging you.

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