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☆Pulse☆ [userpic]
I Made Tonkatsu Today:
by ☆Pulse☆ (impure_impulse)
at November 11th, 2008 (07:13 pm)

From memory with no review. This is a true recipe for disaster, but luckily, even I was unable to screw it up.

I made the egg/ onion mixture a little too dry, but the pork came out well.

Without setting anything on fire this time!

Last time I tried this, I overheated a pan of oil, and nearly took my face off/ burned the house down. Fun stuff. Only not really. I had never deep fried anything before. [Now we have a small deep-fat fryer, and I much prefer this method. It's more idiot proof.]

Last time before that I managed anything that dumb was when I was 8, and set my hair on fire with my chemistry set.

Anyone else have any amazing pyrotechnic tales from the kitchen?